This bill prohibits the importation of energy products from Russia. It also permanently authorizes the President to impose visa- and property-blocking sanctions based on violations of human rights, and it revises the President’s authority to impose these sanctions.

The bill generally prohibits the importation of Russian products that are classified under chapter 27 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (which includes mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation, bituminous substances, and mineral waxes), with an exception for prior contracts or agreements.

The President may waive this prohibition for national interest reasons, subject to congressional approval.

The bill directs the U.S. Trade Representative to take certain actions, including to consider steps to suspend Russia’s participation in the World Trade Organization.

Additionally, the bill statutorily authorizes broader coverage of current visa- and property-blocking sanctions for human rights violations to cover persons involved in serious human rights abuses. (Current law imposes these sanctions on persons responsible for gross violations of human rights, a higher standard.)

The bill authorizes the President to impose sanctions on any foreign person who (1) is responsible for serious human rights abuse, (2) is a current or former government official who is responsible for or complicit in corruption, (3) is or has been a leader or official of an entity that has engaged in any of these activities, (4) has provided support for any of these activities, or (5) is owned or controlled by a person subject to these sanctions.