Good Bye, Toys “R” Us

  • toys spelled out, abstract-animals-art-1020324 final
    Toys (presented at:
  • train-bridge-countryside-daylight-796628 final
    Toy train (presented at:
  • top, bright-close-up-colors-158838 final
    Toy top (presented at:
  • action-figures-art-boy-163036 final
    Toy figuress (presented at:
  • antique-baby-baby-carriage-157596 final
    Antique baby carriage toy (presented at:
  • baby-dolls-cute-dolls-34506 final
    Baby dolls (presented at:
  • bath-ducks-blur-colorful-106144 final
    Colorful bath ducks (presented at:
  • board-game-business-challenge-277052 final
    Board Game Toys (presented at:
  • chalks, bucket-chalk-colored-6257 final
    Chalks (presented at:
  • blur-board-game-challenge-207924 final
    Board Game Toys (presented at:
  • fake mouth with teeth, artificial-background-birthday-1073776 final
    Fake Mouth with Teeth Toys (presented at:
  • girl playing with toy truck, child-girl-grass-189860 final
    Girl Playing with Toy Truck (presented at:
  • doll keychain, colorful-colourful-crochet-65451 final
    Crochet dolls toys (presented at:
  • cute-figures-kid-189530 final
    Toys (presented at:
  • Happy and Smiley face, blur-chair-cheerful-160739 final
    Happy and Smiley Toys (presented at:
  • hobby-leisure-model-cars-33074 final
    Model Cars Toys (presented at:
  • cuddling with big bear, adult-beautiful-bedroom-206402 final
    Cuddling with Big Bear Toy (presented at:
  • love-scrabble-text-208099 final
    Love Spelled Out in Scrabble Tiles (presented at:
  • marbles, ball-shaped-balls-fun-139167 final
    Marbles (presented at:
  • raggedy clown in basket-blur-boy-208087 final
    Clown Toy (presented at:
  • sllinkies, background-close-up-coil-943631 final
    Slinky Toys (presented at:
  • three bears, close-up-cute-decoration-160460 final
    Bear Family Figurine (presented at:
  • rubix cube, brain-color-colorful-19677 final
    Rubix Cube Toy (presented at:
  • toy car, baby-boy-child-210146 final
    Boy in a Toy Car (presented at:
  • toy store, adult-blur-bookcase-371249 final
    Adult in a toy store (presented at:
  • toy train, daylight-engine-grass-796634 final
    Train Toys (presented at:

Susan Sun Nunamaker

I am a mother and a wife, math professor, solar advocate, world traveler, yogi, artist, photographer, sharer of knowledge/information, and resident of Central Florida. I've worked professionally in applied math, engineering, medical research, and as a university math professor in IL and FL for over 25 years. My husband and I loved Disney and moved down to Central Florida initially as snowbirds. But we've come to love the warmth and friendly people offered by this community and decided to move down to Central Florida full time in 2006. I am now spending time sharing information/ knowledge online and developing Windermere Sun ( as an online publication, sharing and promoting Community ABC's (Activities-Businesses-Collaborations) for healthier/happier/more sustainable living. ~Let's help one another~ Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker Founder/Owner/Editor/Producer of Windermere Sun email: X (aka:Twitter): @WindermereSun

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