Will Discovery of Gravitational Waves Alter Our View Of Space-Time In The Future?

  • Spacetime-GPB_circling_earth, Attribution-NASA
    Spacetime-General Relativity-GPB circling earth (Attribution: NASA, presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • Simplified_diagram_of_an_Advanced_LIGO_detector
    Simplified diagram of an Advanced LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, presented at WindermereSun.com) Detecotor
  • Rainer_Weiss_-_December_2006, Attribution-Dhs at the English language Wikipedia
    Rainer Weiss (Attribution: Das at the English language Wikipedia, presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • Barry Barish, Attribution-R. Hahn
    Barry Barish (Attribution: R. Hahn, presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • Kip_Thorne_at_Caltech, Attribution-Keenan Pepper
    Kip Thorne at Caltech (Attribution: Keenan Pepper, presented at WindermereSun.com)

Susan Sun Nunamaker

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