Fleet Farming Helps To Slow Down Climate Change Via Development of Farmlettes

  • fresh vegetables-pexels-photo final
  • beautiful broccoli flower-pexels-photo-247592 final
    beautiful greens (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • cabbage-pexels-photo-209482 final
    beautiful green cabbage (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • carrot-kale-walnuts-tomatoes final
    fresh vegetables (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • carrots-pexels-photo-143133, by mali maeder final
    fresh carrots (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • cauliflower-pexels-photo-209426 final
    beautiful cauliflower (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • food-healthy-vegetables-potatoes final
    fresh vegetables at farmer's market (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • food-salad-healthy-vegetables final
    beautiful salad (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • fresh vegetables-pexels-photo-128402, by Angele J final
    beautiful fresh vegetables (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • green and red peppers-pexels-photo-128536, by Rafel AL Saadi final
    greens & red peppers (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • greens-onion-spices-vegetables-60123 final
    onion (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • kale-vegetables-brassica-oleracea-var-sabellica-l-51372 final
    beautiful greens kale vegetables (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • ladybugs-pexels-photo-414586 final
    ladybugs among greens (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • lawn mower-garden-grass-meadow-green final
    lawn mower (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • lemons and ginger-pexels-photo-128403 final
    lemons and ginger (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • lettuce leaves-pexels-photo-208456 final
    beautiful green lettuce leaves (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • planting seeds-pexels-photo-169523, by Binyamin Mellish final
    planting seeds (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • purple cabbage-vegetable-power-green final
    beautiful purple cabbage (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • radishes-healthy-vegetables-restaurant-nature final
    fresh radishes (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • Dig garden
    Dig garden (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • tomato-food-nutrition-plant-161554 final
    beautiful tomatoes (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • tomatoes and garlic-red-paprika-organic-vegetable-53157 final
    beautiful tomatoes and garlics (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • tomatoes-tomato-harvest-healthy-food-162830 final
    beautiful tomatoes (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • turnips-pexels-photo-121629, by Markus Spiske final
    beautiful greens (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • vegetable splashes into water-pexels-photo-372882 final
    vegetables making splash (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • vegetables-vegetable-basket-harvest-garden final
    fresh vegetable basket (presented at WIndermereSun.com)
  • zucchinis-pexels-photo-237635, by Les Bourgeonniers final
    beautiful green zucchinis (presented at WIndermereSun.com)

Susan Sun Nunamaker

I am a mother and a wife, math professor, solar advocate, world traveler, yogi, artist, photographer, sharer of knowledge/information, and resident of Central Florida. I've worked professionally in applied math, engineering, medical research, and as a university math professor in IL and FL for over 25 years. My husband and I loved Disney and moved down to Central Florida initially as snowbirds. But we've come to love the warmth and friendly people offered by this community and decided to move down to Central Florida full time in 2006. I am now spending time sharing information/ knowledge online and developing Windermere Sun (http://www.WindermereSun.com) as an online publication, sharing and promoting Community ABC's (Activities-Businesses-Collaborations) for healthier/happier/more sustainable living. ~Let's help one another~ Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker Founder/Owner/Editor/Producer of Windermere Sun email: info.WindermereSun@gmail.com X (aka:Twitter): @WindermereSun

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