Landmark Report From UN’s IPCC: Global Warming Maximum at 1.5ºC

  • graph-based-on-the-comparison-of-atmospheric-samplesprovides-evidence-that-atmospheric-CO2-has-increased-since-the-Industrial-Revolution.-Credit-Vostok-ice-core-data-J.R.-Petit-et-al.-NOAA-final
    Graph based on the comparison of atmospheric CO2 vs. time (attribution: Vostok ice core data, J.R. Petiti et al. NOAA, presented at:
  • movement final
    Stop Fossil Fuels (attribution: 350.0rg, presented at:
  • Muir Glacier, Alaska final
    Muir Glaier, Alaska (presented at:
  • New Normal of Sea Ice final
    New normal of Sea Ice (presented:
  • Polar Bear Crosses Arctic Sea, Facing Shorter Sea Ice Season final
    Polar bear crosses Arctic Sea facing shorter sea ice season (presented at:
  • Thawed area under Greenland ice sheet final
    Thawed area under Greenland ice sheet (presented at:

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