Zion Farms & Market, Every First & Third Saturday

  • Scott_Pruitt, EPA administrator final
    Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • Scott_Pruitt, EPA administrator final short
    Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • apple green lieaves, pexels-photo-208456 final
    apple green leaves (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • apple with dews, pexels-photo-257840 final
    apple with dew drops (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • asparagus tips, pexels-photo-42165 final
    asparagus tips (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • banana-fruit-healthy-yellow-41957 final
    bananas (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • basket of carrots, carrots-basket-vegetables-market-37641 final
    basket of carrots (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • beautiful tomatoes, pexels-photo-257292 final
    beautiful tomatoes (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • beautiful purple cabbage-vegetable-power-green final
    beautiful purple cabbages (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • cherry tomatoes, tomato-red-fresh-vegetable-51392 final
    cherry tomatoes (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • eggplants, pexels-photo-321551 final
    eggplants (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • kale-vegetables-brassica-oleracea-var-sabellica-l-51372 final
    kale (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • green onion roots, pexels-photo-315696 final
    green onion roots (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • bread round in hand, pexels-photo-263168 final
    Bread (presented at WindermereSun.com)
  • archery-art-artistic-416832 final
    archery target (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • archery, adult-archery-beautiful-413879 final
    practising archery (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • archery, adult-archery-club-545006 final
    archery (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • horseback ride, adorable-adult-child-1040767 final
    horseback ride (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • horseback ride, animals-countryside-couples-821548 final
    horseback ride (presented at: WindermereSun.com)
  • horseback ride, beautiful-beautiful-girl-child-997474 final
    kid on horseback (presented at: WindermereSun.com)

Susan Sun Nunamaker

I am a mother and a wife, math professor, solar advocate, world traveler, yogi, artist, photographer, sharer of knowledge/information, and resident of Central Florida. I've worked professionally in applied math, engineering, medical research, and as a university math professor in IL and FL for over 25 years. My husband and I loved Disney and moved down to Central Florida initially as snowbirds. But we've come to love the warmth and friendly people offered by this community and decided to move down to Central Florida full time in 2006. I am now spending time sharing information/ knowledge online and developing Windermere Sun (http://www.WindermereSun.com) as an online publication, sharing and promoting Community ABC's (Activities-Businesses-Collaborations) for healthier/happier/more sustainable living. ~Let's help one another~ Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker Founder/Owner/Editor/Producer of Windermere Sun email: info.WindermereSun@gmail.com X (aka:Twitter): @WindermereSun

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