Solar & Wind, No Longer The Smallest Kids On The Energy Block

  • Toshiba Exif JPEG
    free as the wind blows (photo by Bonnie Martin, presented at:
  • playschool-sunshine-1530258, by Crissy Pauley final
    Sunshine (photo by Crissy Pauley, presented at:
  • skyscraper-solar-stone-riga-city-2-1225683, by Valerij Zhugan fianl
    skyscraper solar stone (photo by: Valerij Zhugan, presented at:
  • sailing-2-1564237, by Simone Renou final
    saililng (photo by: Simone Renou, presented at:
  • Solar Panels on Space Vehicle final
    Solar Panels on Space Vehicle (photo by: SpaceX, presented at:
  • solar-2-1507727, by federico pinto final
    solar (photo by frederico pinto, presented at:
    solar cell (photo by: Roland Schuller, presented at:
  • solar-cells-1315687, by Pascal THAUVIN final
    solar cells (photo by Pascal THAUVIN, presented at:
  • solar-clock-in-jaipur-india-1232420, by naveen saxena final
    solar clock in jaipur india (photo by: naveen saxena, presented at:
  • solar-collector-1216342, by Attilio Lombardo final
    solar collector (photo by: Attilio Lombardo, presented at:
  • solardriven-parking-meter-1447622, by Trond Melsom final
    solardriven parking meter (photo by: Trond Melsom, presented at:
    solar energy (photo by: Alla Leitus, presented at:
  • solar-energy-1171814, by Alla Leitus final
    solar energy (photo by: Alla Leitus, presented at:
  • solar-energy-panel-13-1418209, by Patrick Moore final
    solar energy panel (photo by Patrick Moore, presented at:
  • solar-iris-1394416, by Ioan Camil B final
    solar iris (photo by: Ioan Camil B, presented at:
  • solar-panel-1172573, by Andrew Beierle final
    solar panel (photo by: Andrew Beierle, presented at:
  • solar-panels-1226199, by Rainer Berg final
    solar panels (photo by Rainer Berg, presented at:
    solar panels (photo by Neville Micallef, presented at:
  • Solar Panels
    Solar electric panels glisten in the morning sunlight at the Octillo experimental power generating station in Tempe AZ. 2007-06-16. (photo by Joe Zlomek, presented at:
  • solar-panels-1615243, by Local Guy final
    solar panels (photo by: Local Guy, presented at:
  • solar-panels-and-sky-1203655, by Debbie Mous final
    solar panels and sky (photo by Debbie Mous, presented at:
  • solar-panels-reflecting-the-sky-1203838, by Debbie Mous final
    solar panels reflecting the sky (photo by: Debbie Mous, presented at:
  • solarpower-is-beautiful-part-2-1623758, by Johan Bolhuis final
    solarpower is beautiful (photo by Johan Bolhuis, presented at:
  • solar-rainbow-1490522, by Fabio Stachi final
    solar rainbow (photo by: Fabio Stachi, presented at:
  • sunflower-solar-light-1162556, by Crystal Church final
    sunflower solar light (photo by Crystal Church, presented at:
  • Drukwerk
    sunny (image by Chlandra4U, presented at:
  • Sunset-sun rays intense, by Susan Sun Nunamaker, final
    sunset sun rays (photo by Susan Sun Nunamaker, presented at:
  • the-sun-1396604, by William Picard final
    the sun (photo by: William Picard, presented at:
    wind (photo by Andreas Dahl, presented at;
  • Oh my God dis is my favourite :)
    Oh my God dis is my favourite :) (photo by kenchu, presented at:
  • wind-energy-1220578, by Arno Nym final
    wind energy (photo by Arno Nym, presented at:
  • wind-farm-1562933, by Drew Broadley final
    wind farm (photo by Drew Broadley, presented at:
  • windmill-4-1427434, by Dor Mitsonia final
    windmill (photo by Dora Mitsonia, presented at:
  • wind-mill-1515919, by Christophe Grasseau final
    windmill (photo by Christophe Grasseau, presented at:
  • wind-surfing-1497182, by Olga Shevchenko final
    wind surfing (photo by Olga Shevchenko, presented at:
    wind turbine (photo by Samuel Alves Rosa, presented at:
  • wind-turbine-1232489, by Paul Davison final
    wind turbine (photo by Paul Davison, presented at:
  • wind-turbine-1233505, by madmick99 fina;
    wind turbine (photo by madmick99, presented at:
  • monthly net electricity generation from selected fuels-Jan-March 2017
    monthly net electricity generation from selected fuels (Jan.-March, 2017, credit: U.S. EIA), presented at;
  • monthly net electricity generation from selected fuels-Jan-March 2017 in percentage
    monthly net electricity generation from selected fuels, in % (Jan.-March, 2017, credit: U.S. EIA) presented at:

Susan Sun Nunamaker

I am a mother/wife/daughter, math professor, solar advocate, world traveler, yogi, artist, photographer, sharer of knowledge/information, and resident of Windermere, FL. I've worked professionally in applied math, engineering, medical research, and as a university math professor in IL and FL for about 20 years. My husband and I loved Disney and moved down to Central Florida initially as snowbirds. But we've come to love the warmth and friendly people offered by this community and decided to move down to Windermere, FL full time in 2006. I am now spending time sharing information/ knowledge online, promoting understanding of math and solar energy (via ), and developing Windermere Sun ( as an online publication, sharing and promoting Community ABC's (Activities-Businesses-Collaborations) for healthier/happier/more sustainable living. In the following posts, I'll be sharing with you some of the reasons why Windermere has attracted us to become full-time residents of Central Florida region. Please feel free to leave your comments via email at "Contact Us" in the topbar above or via ~Let's help one another~ Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker Founder/Owner/Editor/Producer of Windermere Sun email: Twitter: @WindermereSun

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