Tails-a-Waggin Dog Contest

  • a-boy-and-his-dog-1362748, by Rick Hawkins final
    a boy and his dog (photo by Rick Hawkins)
  • animals-cheep-and-dog-1558006, by benny kronhamn final
    animals sheep and dog (photo by Benny Kronhamn)
    boxer kala (photo by Mariana Castello)
  • brunet-5-1623652, Luis Baltar final
    brunet (photo by Luis Baltar)
  • christmas-dog-1407593, freeimages, by Oscar hdz final 2
    Christmas dog (photo by Oscar hdz)
  • dog-1379921, by Jin Neoh final
    dog (photo by Jin Neoh)
  • dog-1379928, by Jin Neoh final
    dog (photo by Jin Neoh)
  • dog-1379944, by Jin Neoh final
    dog (photo by Jin Neoh)
  • dog-licks-girl-1401762, by Trisha Shears final
    dog licks girl (photo by Trisha Shears)
  • dog-trix-02-1558568, by katy Smith final
    dog trix (photo by Katy Smith)
  • fox-terrier-dog-1340845, by Agastecheg final
    fox terrier (photo by Agastecheg)
  • irish-setter-1343769, by RhysDaven final
    Irish Setter (photo by RhysDaven)
  • kinta-kenzo-1531821, Ira Kurnia Santoso final
    Kinta-Kenzo (photo by Ira Kurnia Santoso)
  • labrador-1331511, by Aureliy Movila final
  • my-dear-dog-1-1358141, by Dan Osan Szalontai final
    my dear dog (photo by Dan Osan Szalontai)
    my dog (photo by Katerina Stepankova)
  • my-dogs-1247944, by Katerian Stepankova final
    my dogs (photo by Katerina Sepankova)
  • olivia-1-1554281, by francesca antichi final
    Olivia (photo by francesca antichi)
  • play-with-me-1357509, by Heather Sorenson final
    play with me (photo by Heather Sorenson)
  • shar-pei-1389564, by Renxx Gmdr final
    shar pei (photo by Renxx Gmdr)
  • swimming-little-dog-1391382, by Rajmund Barnas final
    swimming little dog (photo by Rajmund Barnas)
    take off (photo by Carl Dwyer)
  • teddy-2-1505376, by Bethan Hazell final
    teddy (photo by Bethan Hazell)
  • tug-of-war-1548493, by Mark Jones final
    tug of war (photo by Mark Jones)

Susan Sun Nunamaker

I am a mother and a wife, math professor, solar advocate, world traveler, yogi, artist, photographer, sharer of knowledge/information, and resident of Central Florida. I've worked professionally in applied math, engineering, medical research, and as a university math professor in IL and FL for over 25 years. My husband and I loved Disney and moved down to Central Florida initially as snowbirds. But we've come to love the warmth and friendly people offered by this community and decided to move down to Central Florida full time in 2006. I am now spending time sharing information/ knowledge online and developing Windermere Sun (http://www.WindermereSun.com) as an online publication, sharing and promoting Community ABC's (Activities-Businesses-Collaborations) for healthier/happier/more sustainable living. ~Let's help one another~ Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker Founder/Owner/Editor/Producer of Windermere Sun email: info.WindermereSun@gmail.com X (aka:Twitter): @WindermereSun

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