A Glimpse Into The Past & Future of White House Easter Egg Roll

  • P040907SC-0832.JPG
    White House Egg Roll at the South Lawn (made available by/at www.WindermereSun.com)
  • Egg Roll-Louhenryhoover, wife of Pres Herbert Hoover, pub do final
    Lou Henry Hoover, wife of President Herbert Hoover
  • Egg Roll-President_Herbert Hoover_portrait. pub do final
    President_Herbert Hoover_portrait
  • Egg Roll-Dolley_Madison pub do in USA tag final
    Dolley_Madison (Public Domain in USA)
  • Egg Roll-James_Madison 4th pres pub do in USA final
    James_Madison 4th President of USA ( public domain in USA)
  • Egg Roll-Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863, 16th US Pres. pub do USA tag final
    Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863, 16th US President of USA (Pub Domain in USA)
  • Egg Roll-US_Capitol_west_side CC Author Martin Falbisoner final
    US_Capitol_west_side CC Author Martin Falbisoner
  • Egg Roll-President_Rutherford_Hayes_1870_-_1880_Restored 19th Pres of USA, pub do in USA final
    Egg Roll-President_Rutherford_Hayes_1870_-_1880_Restored 19th Presideny of USA, (Public Domain in USA )
  • P040907SC-0832.JPG
    White House Egg Roll at the South Lawn
  • Egg Roll-JohnPhilipSousa-pub do in usa final
    John Philip Sousa (Pub Domain in USA)
  • Egg Roll-Eleanor_Roosevelt pub do final
    Eleanor_Roosevelt (Public Domain)
  • Egg Roll-PatNixon author unknown final
    First Lady Pat Nixon (Wife of President Richard Nixon) author unknown
  • Portrait
    Richard Nixon, 37th President of United States
  • Egg Roll-Ursula_Herrick_Meese_1981 pub do final
    Ursular Meese (aka The Meester Bunny) , Wife of Attorney General Edwin Meese III (
  • Egg Roll-Edwin_Meese_publicity_shot CC Author Edwin Meese III final
    Attorney General of President Reagan, Edwin Meese III, Husband of The Meester Bunny (Ursula Meese) CC Author Edwin Meese III
  • Egg Roll-President_Eisenhower_Portrait_1959.34th pres of usa pub do final
    34th President of USA, Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower
  • Egg Roll-President_Barack_Obama pub do final
    44th President of USA, Barack Obama
  • Egg Roll-Michelle_Obama_2013_official_portrait pub do final
    First Lady Michelle_Obama_2013_official_portrait
  • White House Egg Roll 2016 w Pres Obama Anticipation final
    Anticipating White House Egg Roll 2016 with President Obama

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